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Overnight Accommodations

Executive Rental

The Sanctuary is a versatile event venue. This renovated 1903 Gothic Style church has been transformed into a modern event space with a large meeting room equipped with a gorgeous commercial kitchen. This executive rental is fully furnished and beautifully finished. With the ability to sleep 16 guests, The Sanctuary is essentially a large rental house. We can host your family reunion or corporate retreat. From baby showers to birthdays, The Sanctuary is an ideal event venue. We have several flexible overnight rental options to meet your specific need. Contact us today for more details!

Intimate Hub Package:

Includes main sanctuary, commercial kitchen, master suite/bathroom.  Included is an additional bedroom.


Base Price $170 per night + $150 cleaning fee.

Four guest max capacity. Two (2) night minimum stay.

Group Hub Package:

Includes basement common area, kitchenette, 2 full bathrooms, 5 bedrooms with 6 queen size beds.


Base Price $350 per night + $150 cleaning fee.

12 guest max capacity. Two (2) night minimum stay.

Combination Hub Package:

Includes use of both the Intimate Hub & Group Hub.


Base Price $515 + $195 cleaning fee

16 guest max capacity.Two (2) night minimum stay.



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